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Are your planning how to re-open your business safely while adhering to social distancing measures and government guidance? 


As a production management company, we are used to designing and building temporary setups in different settings and can help you adapt your workplace to suit your business needs over these next few months.


Do you need floor plans that comply with the social distancing measures showing people flow, toilets, entrance, exits, outdoor areas, queuing systems and more.


Working in conjunction with your operations teams, we can create detailed floor plans with accurate measurements that can be included as part your risk assessment.  These can then be used to create on-site signage or marketing material.

We are also able to supply materials such as printed floor vinyls, signage, tape, protective screening, sanitiser stations and more.

  • Restaurant/Bars

  • Offices/Factories

  • Retail

  • Places of Worship

  • Leisure Facilities

  • Venues

  • Education Facilities

Site surveys available where practical.


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